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My work engages the power structures of remote warfare, surveillance, and state violence by bringing them into contact with issues of vulnerability in both private and public spaces where people gather and go about their daily lives. Through public installations, video, sculpture, drawing, painting, and shadow puppetry, I intervene with the dominant narratives of war and power propagated by mainstream media, politicians, and the military/security industrial complex. “Friends, Family, Neighbors” utilizes 140 color slide portraits taken of over 50 people from my daily life. Portraits of my loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors are projected onto the front window of a gallery as a flock of shadow birds and a silhouette of a Predator drone move across their faces. My film “Predator” reflects on our shared complicity in the use of military drones as well our simultaneous vulnerability in a world where they have become ubiquitous.

Some Recent Work

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share with you some of my latest work. I’ve been doing some photography work for a shoe catalog which mainly involved smart shoes and work shoes.  They actually had some very good work shoes so I will probably invest in a pair myself.  Obviously, these are only a small selection of the photos which were taken.

mens work shoes

Here is a shot of a gentleman wearing smart shoes.  This one is also actually on the front cover of the catalog.

ladies work shoes

I find this picture has a great background that stirs up many feelings. The similarities in colors and then the contrast in the shoes.

smart work shoes

A side on shoe shot which shoes some great detail


A Few Outdoor Shots

I often head outdoors for some inspiration. On the rare occasion, I take my camera with me. So here are just a couple of shots that I took recently on one of my walking adventures.


Above is bench not too far from my home. When I say it covered in the autumn leaves, I just had to take a grab a photo.


Often my walks are quite long and it’d getting a little cold at this time of year to I often create a small fire in the wilderness.
low cloud

Here is a place that I often venture through when I am going for my morning exercise and trying out different jogging techniques.  The fluffy clouds were particularly low on this day.river trees

I often find it hard to believe that the water in this river is so clear and blue.